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Our Mission

Lieutenant Walker E. Parker and our first commander hitch hiked from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. obtain our charter.  VFW Post 1316 received its Congressional Charter in May 1936.  This year we celebrate not only the legacy of our 85th year, but the fact that we are still standing. 

We are an African American post, with 100% of our members as War Veterans.

Formed in 1899, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) serves as one of the largest organization of combat veterans.

Our Mission

Our Mission

VFW’s mission statement is “to foster camaraderie among United States  veterans of overseas conflicts and to serve our veterans, the military, and our communities and advocate on behalf of all veterans.” This mission statement reflects what the association does to protect the rights of the veterans and their families who gave invaluable service to America’s history by their love for country and dedication to the service by protecting her from all her enemies.

It is clear that the target members are given emphasis in this association's mission. The following components of the VFW mission statement influences strategic management in enforcing the advocacy:

1.    Veteran fellowship

2.    Serve veterans

3.    Veterans’ voice

The first component of the VFW mission statement highlights the preservation and strengthening of comradeship among its members.

The second component of  VFW’s mission statement specifies the people involved in perpetuating the memory and history of those who served with their lives and thank them for their patriotism and to help the surviving spouses and orphans.

On the other hand, the third component VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) mission statement presents the advocacy for justice for the veterans, service members and military families on an array of issues and continues to be the voice of veterans everywhere. This is in consonance with the VFW vision statement.

This is to preserve the memory of those who went to battle in pursuit of fighting for the rights of the people that they serve through their loyalty and love for the country. Their utmost dedication cannot be forgotten and it is in this light that their spouses and orphans be given the proper benefits that they truly deserve.

Vision Statement

VFW’s vision statement is “Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.” This vision statement depicts VFW advocacy to give the veterans due to recognition for their love for the country. The following are the main components:

1.    Exalted for service

2.    Receive benefits

3.    Patriotic recognition

The first component shows that the VFW goes beyond the ordinary to that the veterans who fought for the country are duly honored and respected for their service. 

The second component emphasizes giving the veterans their hard-earned entitlements for their invaluable dedication and service.

The VFW aims to highlight the strength and perspective of the men and women who were in the service.

Core Values

VFW’s core values are to “Always put the interests of our members first: Treat donors as partners in our cause, promote patriotism, honor military service, ensure the care of veterans and their families, serve our communities, promote a positive image of the VFW, respect the diversity of veteran opinions.” It is a reflection of the work and principles of the association that makes it a success in its advocacy. It has the following main components:

1.    Donor partnership

2.    Patriotism support

3.    Military honor

4.    Veteran care

5.    Community service

6.    Positive self-image

7.    Respect for diversity

The first component is a reflection of the aim of VFW to support the interests of the members and through donor partners, they will be funded to pursue their mission and vision.

The second component gives emphasis on the maintenance of true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America by instituting fidelity to its institutions of American freedom.

The third component is the recognition of the men and women who preserve and defend the United States of America from all her enemies.

The fourth component is the assurance that veterans will have timely access to high quality comprehensive and veteran-centers, health care, and secure sufficient funding for the health care system.

The fifth component speaks about constructive service to local communities.

The sixth component emphasizes that VFW offices are located in communities across the globe, these groups work to inform and educate veterans and service members on the initiatives and policies that affect them and take the voice of veterans to local, state, and national lawmakers.

The seventh component is the consistent monitoring of veterans’ experiences with the health care systems that deliver veterans’ feedback directly to officials concerned in order to implement new programs and methods to ensure America’s veterans receive top-quality

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